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Essential-ly on a Budget- GIVEAWAY

I’m so excited about today’s blog post on:

Essential-ly on a Budget

I’ve had the contents of the giveaway saved up for the perfect timing…and it’s finally here!

So, here is the GIVEAWAY!

Young Living Lip Balm Set


I use the Lavender lip balm all the time and I love it! I love how it make my lips feel smooth and relieves dryness…which, for my dry skin, is a real relief.

So, now the details:

To enter the giveaway:

Comment with an essential oil scent that you would like to enjoy (which information may, or may not, be used to inform the next giveaway…*hint, hint*)

Have fun!

And may the odds be ever in your favor.

My Crafty Side

Welcome to:


I have always liked the idea of having crafts that related to specific stories I was writing. So when I had an idea of a pattern that just seemed to fit perfectly with one of the characters in my book (Hope, the mother who sees a fairy and sets off a string of events that lead to adventures on both sides), I had to develop it and make a blanket.

So here is a preview of Hope Blanket:


I’m actually in love with these colors. I’m at my parents’ house on the water right now, and there are so many days when I look out at the water as I crochet and the colors are the same.

The original plan was for it to head to the Etsy shop that I’m preparing to open, but now, having been working on it, it’s going to be hard to let go of. We’ll see, maybe it will end up there after all. 🙂

All I know is: I love this pattern. I love this yarn. I love these colors. And there will definitely be other things with this pattern in my shop.

So there’s a little glimpse into my crafty side. 😀

August Essential-ly on a Budget

I have another blog regular for you today. This one is kind of a cheat because I’ve done one post in this series before, but I’m too excited about it not to continue it. So here is this week’s:

Essential-ly on a Budget
I’m so excited about my August Essential Rewards (ER) order!

In case you missed the last post, I’ve been a part of the Essential Rewards program for over half a year and loved it (and have gotten several free shipments because of it). But I was ready to give it up due to a tight budget…..Except I wasn’t using ER as efficiently as I could. So since that day, I’ve strived to keep my ER as close to $50 as possible. Every once in a while I go a little over, but if I do, it’s always under a dollar.

So here’s this month’s order:

Cedarwood 15ml     $11.25

Jade Lemon  5ml     $10.75

Pine               15ml    $15.00

I love each of these scents. And with Christmas and Fall arriving, I’m sure the Pine will get more than its fair share of use. Although, I have to admit, the Jade Lemon might be my new favorite scent. It’s so refreshing and light.

I’ve also already used them to make some scrumptious bath salts… heavenly!

So that’s my lastest ER order.

If you want to get your own ER order and learn more about the amazing used of essential oils, please feel free to contact me for more info!

As a welcome back to the blog after a long hiatus, I thought I’d introduce a new series I hope to become a regular on the blog:


My hope is to post something about whatever I’m writing about once a week.

Today, I thought I’d post a snippet of my book.

Well, let me define “snippet”.

In First Laugh: A Fairy Tale, (which is getting an overhaul that I’m really excited about!) the fairy, First Laugh retells the story of Snow White. I had a lot of fun writing my own version of the classic fairy tale, so I thought it would be a fun way to restart blogging.

So here it is, First Laugh’s Snow White:

Once upon a time there was a beautiful Queen who was going to have a princess. As she sat next to an open window making a dress for the princess, she pricked her finger with the needle. She watched a drop of her blood fall onto the pure white snow.

“I pray my daughter will be white as snow, red as blood, and black as the ebony window sill.”

Her wish was granted and the princess was born with skin white as snow, lips red as blood, and hair black as ebony. But sadly, the Queen only lived long enough to name her daughter Snow White.

Just a year later, the king remarried. His new wife was beautiful…and she knew it. Her prized possession was a mirror, but not just any mirror. This was a magic mirror. Each morning the Queen would stand in front of it and repeat the magic chant.

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”

And the mirror would always answer:

“Thou, oh Queen,
Are the fairest to be seen.”

The Queen gloried in this praise. She was so vain that she didn’t notice that Snow White was growing up to be a great beauty herself. So she was furious when, one day, the Mirror answered back:

“Thou, oh Queen,
Were the fairest to be seen,
But now in your place
Is another with fairer grace.
The daughter of the king
Is now the fairest to be seen.”

The Queen stormed out of her chamber and summoned her huntsman.

“I have a mission for you. Complete it and you will be handsomely rewarded. Take Snow White, daughter of the king, into the woods and kill her. Bring me her heart as proof that you have accomplished this task and I will let you and your family live.”

She dismissed him.

The Huntsman took the princess into the woods, but he couldn’t bring himself to kill the beautiful young princess before him.

“My princess, the Queen has ordered me to kill you.”

The horrified look she gave him pierced his heart.

“But I cannot. However you mustn’t come back to the castle. The Queen will only try again. You must fly! Fly!”

His voice rang out after her as she ran blindly through the woods. She ran and ran. She ran all night. Finally her legs gave way just outside a clearing. She looked through the trees and saw a little house. She made her way to the front door and knocked. When no one answered, she tried the door handle; it was open. She walked in, hoping that someone was there and just hadn’t heard her knocking.

The sight that met her eyes was shocking. The house was a mess! There were socks and jackets hung up all over. The kitchen sink was full of pots and pans.

Snow White searched the downstairs and called, but couldn’t find anyone else.

“Maybe if I clean up, they’ll let me stay.”

She worked hard all morning and by lunch the place was sparkling. She was exhausted and decided to go upstairs. It was just one long room. In two rows were seven small beds. Snow White went to the longer row, pushed the beds together, and lay across the four beds. When she woke the light was filtering through the leaves on the trees right into Snow White’s eyes. But that’s not what made Snow White blink. There were seven little men standing around the beds. Snow White sat up.

“Oh, hello. I hope you don’t mind. I was running all night and I came in and began to clean. Then I just had to rest.”

The oldest looking little man stepped forward.

“We are glad you chose our house.”

The dwarves muttered amongst themselves.

“Excuse me, but are you the princess?”

“Why, yes, I am.”

“We are honored that you are here, but if you don’t mind us asking…why?”

Snow White told the tale of her journey to the cottage. The dwarves were sympathetic and invited her to live at the cottage with them. Excited at the prospect, Snow White eagerly agreed.

The next morning Snow White fixed breakfast for the dwarves. When they left for the mines where they worked, Snow White finished tidying the kitchen.

She gathered an armload of socks that needed darning and sat by the fire to work.

She had finished three pairs when there was a knock on the door. She quickly answered it. An old woman stood on the step with a basket on her arm.

“Hello there, my beauty. Would you like one of these laces? Just a penny.”

She held up a stunning clue lace that perfectly matched the dress she was wearing. But Snow White hesitated. She knew she didn’t have the money for such beautiful laces. As is she read her thought, the old woman spoke up.

“Oh, look how perfectly this lace goes with your dress. Here, you take it. As a gift.”

She pressed the lace into Snow White’s hand.

“Thank you. That’s very kind.”

“Would you like me to put it on for you?”

Snow White accepted and the old woman took out her old lace and threaded the new one in. Snow White glanced down and admired the belt tightening. Her joy turned to concern when the old woman didn’t stop tightening the lace. As she tried to ask her to stop, the world spun and then went black. The old woman watched with satisfaction as Snow White slumped to the floor.

As she slipped out and left through the wood, she transformed from an old woman into the evil Queen.

The dwarves were heading home for lunch. When they stepped into the clearing, they saw their front door opened. Fearing what they would find, they rushed inside.

The youngest dwarf hurried to the girl. Seeing the tight belt he quickly cut the lace. All the dwarves gathered around Snow White.

Much to their relief, Snow White gasped. They helped her to a chair. Concerned they asked what had happened. She explained about the old woman.

“Without a doubt, it was the Queen. She is still determined to kill you. You musn’t let anyone in. We want you to be safe.”

Snow White agreed. Insisting she felt fine, she made lunch for the dwarves. Sending them off again, she cleaned up the kitchen and then sat down to finish the socks. She had just put the last pair away and was in the kitchen starting dinner, when a face appeared at the window. It was a young woman dressed in rags. Pausing, Snow White greeted her.

“May I help you?”

“I have some combs for sale. Would you like to buy one?”

“I’m sorry. I don’t have any money.”

“Well, if you would let me in, maybe I have one that you can have.”

“That’s very kind of you, but I’m not allowed to let people in.”

“Oh, that’s all right. If you just come out, I’ll put the comb in your hair.”

Snow White considered for a minute. The dwarves hadn’t told her not to go outside. And the combs were very pretty.

“Thank you.”

Snow White stepped outside. The young woman took on of the combs out of her basket and pushed it into Snow White’s hair. A moment later Snow White fainted. The young lady laughed as she disappeared through the clearing and again changed into the evil Queen.

The dwarves had finished their work for the night and returned to find Snow White unconscious in the clearing. The eldest noticed the beautiful comb and quickly pulled it out. Still Snow White didn’t move. They carried her to their beds upstairs and watched her closely.

At long last, her eyes fluttered and she awoke. 

Somewhat sternly, the oldest dwarf asked what had happened. Snow White told them of the young woman and her combs.

“Sounds like another trick of the Queen. Snow White, you must promise me that tomorrow you won’t let anyone in the house or leave the house yourself.”

Snow White agreed. The dwarves insisted that she stay in bed while they got dinner and tidied up.

By the next day, Snow White felt as right as dew drops on a buttercup. She got up, fed the dwarves, and sent them on their way. The dwarves warned Snow White not to forget her promise.

The day passed uneventfully. The dwarves came home for lunch and left again. Snow White was setting the table for dinner when she heard a knock on the door. She went to it, but didn’t open it.

“May I help you?”

“I’m selling apples, my dear, would you care for one?”

“No, thank you. I’m not supposed to let anyone in or go out the door myself.”

“Oh, that’s okay. If you will open the window I can hand it to you. They are such lovely apples. Juicy and red.”

The voice moved to the window and Snow White saw the face that went with it. A truly ugly face. Snow White was scared…but those apples really did look delicious…

The hag saw her hesitate and pressed her advantage.

“Deary, there’s nothing to be afraid of. I won’t come in and you don’t have to come out. Here, have a sample.”

The hag cut off a part of the apple and foolishly, Snow White took it. She took one bite and fell to the floor. The hag scurried away as the dwarves came home. They found Snow White, but this time nothing they did could restore her.

As they watched her lying there so peacefully, they realized they couldn’t bury her beautiful face with dirt. They built a glass coffin and placed her in it. They stacked some large stones for a base and put the coffin in the clearing. For almost a month the dwarves kept watch.

One day a prince from a neighboring kingdom stumbled into the clearing. He was immediately captivated by the beauty of the lady who lay in the coffin. He waited for the dwarves to come home. When they arrived in the clearing, the prince hurried forward and introduced himself. The dwarves accepted his introduction, but were wary. After all, the Queen had played so many tricks on them they couldn’t be sure this wasn’t another trick.

“I assure you, I have no association with the Queen of this land. I was on a royal visit to a neighboring country. On our way back, I decided to take this shortcut ahead of my people. They will catch up to me by tomorrow. They can vouchsafe for  who I am.”

After listening to his story, the dwarves were inclined to be more friendly to him. Then the Prince made his request.

“When I walked into the clearing I saw the beautiful maiden encased in glass. I want to marry her. When will she awake?”

Sadly, the dwarves told the Prince her story. The Prince was heartbroken that the beautiful maiden would not wake up, but he felt that he couldn’t leave the princess in the woods.

“I will build a house for her coffin in my palace. She will be admired by all who come.”

The dwarves talked amongst themselves. They agreed that letting the prince take Snow White away would be the most honorable thing they could do for her.

The prince stayed with the dwarves for the night, until the rest of his group arrived. The next day they put the coffin on a wagon. Eager to get the beautiful princess back to his palace and honor her, the prince set off right away.

The road to the palace was rough and the coffin was jostled quite a bit. The prince walked behind the wagon to steady the precious cargo. After a particularly bad bump, the prince saw something fall out of the princess’ mouth. Hurriedly he called for the driver to stop the wagon.

Lifting off the glass top of the coffin, the prince reached in and took a piece of apple from her pillow. The princess started breathing steadily. The prince reached his arm under her shoulders and lifted her to help her breath more easily. The princess’ eyes opened.

Snow White smiled into the prince’s face. He gently lifted her out. 

And they lived happily ever after.

Calm in the Storm

I have thought and prayed about this blog post for a few weeks now. I knew what I wanted/needed to say, but I wanted to make sure that I presented it in a way that’s a true representation of what’s going on in my life right now.

And then, because God is God and loves showing His care and greatness, the sermon at church this morning gave me the perfect word to surround my story in.

The passage was Mark 4:35-41: Jesus Calming the Storm. The title of the sermon was “Does Jesus Care?” At first, the title put me off. Yes, I’m in a storm, but I have never doubted God’s care and love for me. Then the pastor started preaching. And his first sentence went something like: “You might be in a storm right now and it may be that you have been diagnosed with cancer or you may have lost your job.” And I sat up a little bit straighter.

You see, that’s where  I am right now. I am currently searching for a job. The non-profit I worked for had to make some budget cuts and my position no longer exists. So I’m living with my parents as I wait for God to reveal what He has for me next.

So I listened closely to the sermon and every point hit me right where I needed to hear it. But the last point really started a healing process on my heart.

“The goal [of Jesus] was not to calm the storm, but to produce faith.”

When I look at all that is going on right now physically and emotionally, I realize that my prayers don’t just concern me finding a job (although there are plenty of those prayers) or whatever God has for me next, but ultimately my prayers are for God to increase my faith and draw me closer to Him through all of this.

I’m so thankful for the sermon this morning and the focus it has brought to my mind. My desire and prayer is to be brought closer to Him in thought, word, and deed through all of this.





….but I wouldn’t mind a few prayers for a new job. 😀


Essential-ly on a Budget

Have you ever done something the hard way for a really long time only to realize that there was a better and much easier way the whole time?

I don’t know what that feels like….nope….not at all.

Except, actually I do.

Essential-ly on a Budget.jpg

I love essential oils! And I love the Young Living Essential Oils rewards program.

But I had a problem. Now remember, I freely admit that this was very faulty logic on my part, but I thought I couldn’t afford the rewards program anymore because it was too expensive. But then I looked at what was in my cart and realized, I was spending more than I had to.

To be a part of the rewards program you have to spend 50PV points a month. Somewhere along the way, I had lost track of that fact. And that, coupled with an extremely tight budget, nearly made me quit the rewards program.

But I have reformed. Now it’s a kind of game. I keep track of exactly how many points are in my cart each month. Sometimes even re-juggling items to make sure to exactly hit that 50PV mark.

I was thinking I would share my combinations that make up the 50PV each month. That way if you are looking to join the rewards program, but need inspiration and encouragement that it’s totally possible on any budget, I can make at least a few of the orders easy for you. 🙂

So this was my first order:


Geranium Essential Oil-$18.75

Orange Essential Oil-$10.75

Cinnamint Lip Balm-$4.25

Satin Facial Scrub-$16.25

Do you use essential oils? Are you interested learning more about them?




Disney Days

There are days I’ve named “Disney Days”. These are days where work is overwhelming. Days are long. And not much “magic” appears in the day-to-day of life. Days where unfocused-ness overwhelms everything. 

Today is just such a day. 

But never fear! There is a remedy!

First, make a cup of coffee!  (Bonus points if it’s Disney related) Coffee works this late for me because a lot of times my Disney Days are directly related to how bad my ADHD is that day and coffee helps calm my mind. 

Second, turn on a Disney movie. My choice for tonight is Sleeping Beauty. (If I were ever able to be a face character at Disney World, I’d want to be Merryweather.)

Third, browse your Disney board on Pinterest.  (If you’d like to see my board it’s here)

Fourth use some of those pins to create planning cards for your (imaginary, for now) next vacation. (Make sure you leave a space for Disney Bounding!)


Fifth, and finally, fall asleep dreaming of Happily Ever After and wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day. 



Soooo, How Ya Doin’?

The Promised Update

As promised, in this new year, I want to update you on what has been happening in my life in this last year. Fair warning, a lot has happened this past year and so this is a fairly long post…..

The start of the year was lovely. The MasterWorks Festival exhibited at quite a few conferences and as the Publicity Coordinator, I got to travel around the US (including a drive to Texas) and meet lots of people who are excited about the mission of MasterWorks. And then I got to re-meet quite a few of them during the Festival.

Probably the first stumble in the year was making the hard decision of whether or not to accept the offer of being the Stage Manager for the Theatre Program this summer. It took a lot of prayer and many thoughtful discussions, but I felt God leading me to accept the position, so I did. After such a smooth first few months of things flowing right into each other, this one was the first time that I paused.

Then the summer began and I can honestly say it was one of the hardest as well as the best summer I’ve had at the MasterWorks Festival. The short story is that being a part of the tech team this summer was hard, incredibly hard! Not that it was all bad! I loved being the Stage Manager. I really enjoyed working with a whole different group of people than I usually do. And I love all the students that came through. They really made being the Stage Manager a joy. But it was rough, and I don’t know when I’ve felt that emotionally and physically exhausted. During the first week of the Festival, before the Theatre Program started, I was able to be a part of the Film Acting Program and I had the best time starting to learn the art of acting on film as well as learning behind the scenes techniques. It was truly a pleasure to be a part of that group. To top it off, the film we made during that first week was selected by the Christian WorldView Film Festival to be the short film that the Film Composer applicants will compose to!

I can’t tell you how completely exhausted and just plain weary I was after the six weeks on the tech team. There are no words to describe the level of rest I needed. I was excited for my vacation and going home for three weeks! Just before I left, I found out that MasterWorks Festival had to move locations before next summer and we had to find a new office location this Fall.  Talk about throwing things off! We didn’t know where we could go. There were a lot of unknowns as I went off for my vacation with my family. I enjoyed my time with them, as always, and was excited to get back to work.

It took longer than expected, but God led us to a great new campus, Cedarville University in Ohio! I mentioned before that we are excited for this new change and can’t wait to see all that God will do in this new location!

Also, a local business man offered us a new office to use until the Festival this summer which was a huge blessing to not have to worry about where we were moving our office.

But it did mean that my job got a little tougher, a little more…intense as I made a couple of drives out to Cedarville to get pictures and information for our students to show them the beautiful new facilities that God had brought for us to use! And also as we began the process of moving our office.

Life was just finding a new normal amidst all the chaos, when, 5 weeks ago, we found out we were being asked to move out of our house. Fortunately, Grace College (the campus where we have been for the last 10 years) provided us with new housing in pretty much the same location which was a huge blessing. But because Christmas break was coming soon, we had three weeks to clean the new house, pack up the old house, pack up the old office, and move.

Again, it was a crazy time. Half the time I didn’t know if I was upright or upside down. “Do the next thing” became more than a lovely quote….it was a necessity for survival!

But then, everything was moved and I got to leave to see my family! This last week and a half I’ve had with them have been so wonderfully healing and restful. It’s given me a lot of time to reflect on what this past year has handed to me.

And, while I’d never want to relive it, I wouldn’t trade the lessons I’ve learned for anything in the world.

Lessons like:

  • It’s during the hardest times that God’s presence is the most real.
  • When God is the center of your friendships, they can survive anything with work and patience.
  • God’s greatest gifts come at all times, even in the midst of a storm.
  • Whether or not we “feel” it, God has us in the palm of His hand.


  • Even when we don’t know what the next thing is, God does. And He will reveal it in His perfect timing.


And now, a New Year dawns with

many more exciting things in store….

And I can’t wait to see what they are!!!!!!!



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