Well, I thought I’d give you a little glimpse into “First Laugh: A Fairy Tale”.

Lookut was just flying out of the Sylvan Woods when she heard the summon to the fairy court. Immediately she veered around and headed to the Great Cypress.

The Great Cypress was in the middle of the Sylvan Woods. To those just walking through, nothing in the wood seemed out of the ordinary. But to those with the right eyes, a whole new world opened. The two birch trees that crossed and faced the house weren’t just birch trees. They were the gateway to the Sylvan Wood. To those just walking through it appeared that many squirrels lived in the intertwined branches of the trees. But to those with the right eyes, the trees seemed to twinkle with lights shining through doorways. Through windows were little people sitting in chairs, cooking at stoves, reading books, eating at tables, visiting each other. If you looked closer you would notice that each one had a pair of wings coming out of their shoulders. Some were thin, silvery wings that could hardly be seen, like a dragonfly’s. Others were big and brightly colored, like a butterfly’s wings. If you were looking with the right eyes, you would see a sign “Bakery”. Underneath the sign was a large red toadstool with a door in the stem. Inside the door was a counter and a display case of delicious baked goods. The walls were lined with shelves also filled with the goodies. Behind the large mushroom was a smaller, but still quite large mushroom with a chimney. It was from the chimney that the wonderful smells were wafting from.  It wasn’t the only mushroom store. Right next door was a tall mushroom with a sign in front that read: Wings-We Rebeautify the Beautiful: Flutterbies Welcome.

And now those just walking through would marvel at the number of fireflies all in one place. To those with the right eyes, they saw what few people ever saw. A true fairy court. Up on thrones in a center branch of the Great Oak sat two fairies. The light shining from them was so bright that only those given the gift of true sight could look on them without blinking. The King and Queen were robed in splendour. Their crowns were fashioned out of intertwined slivers of gold and silver that the fairy tinker had found in the forest.

King Oliver stood to address his people.

“Fairies, my Queen and I have invited you here for this exciting occasion. A new fairy will be joining us soon.”

The fairies, generally happy folk, twittered among themselves.

“The Lonely House is now rejoicing. Our scouts reported a couple moving in a year ago. I am sure you all remember that anxious time,” said Queen Dearest.

The fairies all nodded at each other. Lookut looked at her neighbor. They lived on the outskirts of the wood and the curfew and precautions had really affected them.

The unknown people were terrifying. The woods belonged to the Lonely House. The King had told everyone to be ready to move in case the people decided to cut down the woods. The scouts were sent out to look for another place that would be suitable to settle in. But as the months passed and no axes or saws were seen near the woods, and the house itself no longer seemed lonely everyone relaxed and slipped back into their routines.

King Oliver continued.

“Our scouts have just reported a new baby girl now lives in the Lonely House. Never before has a fairy and their bundle lived so close to the Sylvan Wood. This new fairy will have a house here in the wood.”

The fairies murmured excitedly among themselves. Never before had a fairy been given a place in the woods before the Forgetting.

“It will not work,” someone around Lookut said. “Too easy for her to leave her bundle.”

“Well, I think it is wonderful. Once the bundle starts sleeping through the night, she will be able to come home to sleep. Less chance of being seen,” another fairy countered.

King Oliver held out his hands for silence.

“My Queen and I have talked it over and we believe, with the right Acquainter, this is a good decision.”

With the mention of the Acquainter every fairy stood quite still. This is what they all had been waiting for since the mention of a new fairy coming to be. And now with the added responsibility of the fairy living in the Sylvan Wood, whoever was chosen would be given great honor.

“It is our great pleasure to invite Lookut to be the new fairy’s Acquainter,” King Oliver continued.

The Queen stood and motioned Lookut forward. Lookut spread her wings and fluttered up to the throne. Lookut curtsied deeply, first to the King then the Queen.

“I accept my King and Queen’s invitation,” said Lookut.

The Queen wrapped her arms around her.

I hope you have enjoyed this little glimpse into my Fairy World.