As I think about the fact that between 5 1/2 and 7  months I will be making another transatlantic move, I am getting the organization bug again.

So, like any normal person, I didn’t go to my room and start going through things. Oh, no. I did what any sensible person does and did a google search  research. Specifically visited a favorite blog ( and got her recommended blog posts. Then I thought I would post them here:

In all seriousness, though, it is a huge task to look at accomplishing. Not so much the packing part…….I’ve done that plenty of times in my life. But the I’m-only-going-to-be-bringing-back-one-check-in-bag-and-need-to-figure-out-what-to-put-in-it kind of way.

So, I think I may leaving the computer now and start making a dent in deciding all the things I need to take.