I love rollercoasters. I can remember being really young and going to Six Flags and just waiting for the day when I would reach the line and be big enough to get on the ride with the loops! The day I could get in and get on that ride was so exhilerating! The anticipation as the chains clink up the initial hill, the slight lift as you crest the hill and the breathtaking speed as you you take that first fall.

Sometimes life is like a rollercoaster. Yep, it’s been said before, but it is true.

Take this move I’m getting ready for. There were quite a few clinking chains as I prayed about what to do once I get back. When I applied for a Christian Performing Arts Fellowship internship, the chains kept clicking. When I had my interview where my desires and hopes and calling lined up almost perfectly with what they were looking for, that slight lift in my stomach occurred. And when I got the e-mail saying I was accepted into the position, it was just like that first fall.

Then the rest of the rollercoaster started and all the ups and downs of starting to organize a transcontinental move that includes one suitcase, one carry-on, and a handbag started.

It was just like a rollercoaster. And I was loving it!

But there are always those rollercoasters that throw in a surprise twist or turn at the end.

And this is what happened with this rollercoaster.

My move date was set for beginning of January. But three days ago there was a rather sudden and necessary change of date. It was moved up a month.

Talk about a sudden turn!

Instead of having 87 days to sort out my move, I am down to 45. So in the next 45 days, I need to decide what to take. Pack. Sort through everything that is left in my room. Pack. Finish my book. Pack. Host book launch. Pack. Fit in the last trips, etc. we need to take before moving (We have bought some tickets knowing we were going to be visiting places before I left….just didn’t know we’d need them so soon). Pack. Say goodbye to friends (Not looking forward to this part). Do the final packing. And somehow finish all the little things that I need to make/do.

So I am now on the biggest rollercoaster of my life (so far 🙂 ).

Hopefully, I will be posting more pictures of what’s going on. My best semesters at college were when I had too much to do and not enough time to get it done, so I am praying that the same will apply here. 🙂

I’ll be excited to see how God ends this rollercoaster! 🙂