So, now that I have officially put my book on, I thought there would be a whole bunch of time to be devoted to this year’s NaNo project. But it turns out that this is when most of the work begins.

Now is the time to start putting together the New Zealand book launch. I have to say, that has been more fun than work. I got to visit some pretty places here in Christchurch and found a lovely garden for the Launch.

I am now working on gathering my fairy dust and coaxing some fairies into letting me use their pictures for some favours.

But that is all under control (although busy) and I am getting some time for writing.

Without giving a lot of what my new book is about, I thought I’d share my favourite sentence so far:

“In fact, I was only half way back when I slumped against the wall for support as my own legs seemed to have abdicated their responsibility.”

It’s my first attempt at writing in first person, and I’m really enjoying it so far. It’s very different to anything I’ve done and I have to keep remembering not to keep jumping heads. But it’s been a good exercise for me.

So besides moving and saying goodbye (which I’m refusing to think about yet), I am immersed in books one way or another…….

And I Love It!