Do I even begin to catch up on everything that has happened?

I guess there’s no way to capture everything, but here’s an overview.

The Book Launch was incredibly well. I had so much fun decorating this amazing “hidden garden” with fairy jars and flutterby tokens. Unfortunately, I was so busy having fun that I forgot to take pictures! Hmph. Just close your eyes and imagine a round garden with a low stone wall around it and bushes growing out the top. Then a Wisteria arbor just past its peak bloom on one side. Just off center of the middle of the garden is a large oak tree. Everything is green and flowering and there are benches all around the outside where you can rest if the fairies start wearing you out. Then add amazing friends, happy children, and a dash of magic, and you have a good picture of the day.

As soon as the launch was over, it was time to start packing…… naturally, I procrastinated. In fact, trying to put everything you would need for at least a year into two suitcases, a cabin suitcase, and a carry-on did not motivate me to start until it was absolutely mandatory. But in the end, after fluttering and flurrying, it was all pack and we were on our way to the airport.

29 hours later I got to see my sister again! That was a very exciting moment. Especially since I not only got to see my sister and visit with my nephew, I also got to meet my niece! She is the very definition of precious. And by the time I left, she was coo-ing and smiling! They were all a joy!

Three weeks later, I got to spend a week on Pensacola Beach! I had forgotten how cold it could feel there. However, God was so gracious as to allow me to meet the wonderful, amazing, and Godly Debbie Del Tejo who took me out onto the beach to have a photo shoot. Here are a few of the results:






So, then I had to say goodbye to Mom and Shannon and the kidlets in order to move to Winona Lake for my new job at the Christian Performing Arts Fellowship (CPAF). Today was my first day “at the office” and I think I’m gonna like it here. 🙂

Through all the varying paths He has led me on and those He continues to reveal to me, I know that He is my rock. He will never move and I can rest assured that whatever happens next, He has it in His hands.