I am sitting in the cafe of The Tree of Life Bookstore on the campus of Grace College. Apparently today is the day that all the students arrive back from Spring Break. In front of me a couple is celebrating their ten minute old engagement with a shared cup of coffee. To my left, students are already talking about their classes and being able to juggle all the papers they are going to have to write. To my right, friends are catching up on a week and a half of news. At the front of the store, it’s even busier. The line to buy text books is at least 15 deep.

All around me the process of education has begun.

I was glad to finish my degree. I mean, I loved it! It was crazy, chaotic, frustrating, and incredibly brilliant! But being out of the classroom, able to be learning in the world where I was was freeing.

I took a sort of “break” from learning. Not a true break. Every thing that has happened since I left school 7 years ago has taught me something. I’ve learned to trust God like never before. I’ve learned to wait on Him when I have no clue what is going on. I’ve learned to hold on to Him when everything around me seemed to be falling apart. I’ve learned to listen to His prompting even when it made making hard decisions. But it was the sort of break where you don’t have a prescribed course of study.

But that is changing. I know part of the reason God wanted me here was to be able to pursue acting in one way or another. And I’ve been able to perform a few times and audition for a couple of things. The sense of peace in doing what He’s called me to do is overwhelming. I’m listening to His guiding.

I’ve also rediscovered some acting textbooks I picked up at a library book sale (yay! for library book sales!) and I’ve gone through it and set out a number of lessons for me to follow. I’ve also decided to put together a worksheet for watching a movie to help me focus on what I like and why in certain films.

This peace of being where He wants me and doing what He wants me to do has spurred me on to learn as much as I can about this business. I have always enjoyed acting and the whole process that goes with it, but now I feel that I need to be responsible to not just enjoy it, but to pursue it. To not just sit back and say, “That was a good movie.” But to be able to analyze why I thought that and to take those things I learn and apply them to my acting. To not just learn how to recite lines in a specific way, but learn what makes a great performance that will honor and glorify God.

I am excited to delve into the “semester” of learning for me and I’m excited to see what God has for me to learn!

I would also love to hear what God is teaching you. Do you have a set order of studying what He’s called you to do?