……….A cardboard cutout to bring out the inner child in people.

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When Mom and I learned that we were going to be in the States for the premiere of The Hobbit, we booked tickets to the midnight showing.

Yes, it was a crazy thing to do and we didn’t get to bed until four in the morning, but it was also one of the most fun things I’ve ever done. They gave us special posters (which are hanging in my room now) and when they found out Mom and had just come from Hobbiton (aka New Zealand) the staff were so friendly and talked with us for a while.

We got to the theatre almost two hours early and so had lots of time to play with the display in the foyer, read books (not The Hobbit, interestingly enough), chat, and watch all the people in costumes come in. (I decided not to dress up since I look like a hobbit anyway. 🙂 ) Also the two guys behind us provided over half an hour of entertainment with their speculations on every possible way the people in costume could have snuck weapons into the theatre.

The moral of this post is, when you go to a midnight showing and show up two hours early and they have a cardboard cut out for your movie and you have friends who are willing to be silly and have fun and you are surrounded by plenty of unintentional entertainers, don’t just sit back and enjoy everything (but definitely do that too!), but get up and participate!



Just a note: I have no idea what Mom and Beth were doing in those pictures. I know Mom had no clue what the story was about and just knew that there was a wizard who sometimes did unpleasant things to people. 😀