I am passionate about truth…..all kinds of truth. I really appreciate it when someone tells me the truth, even if it hurts a little at the time. I love it when truth wins out over lies. I especially appreciate it when God’s truth is communicated. Truth is very near and dear to my heart. My writing and acting are all based on communicating truth.

That is why I am so excited for this summer. I have been accepted into the MasterWorks Festival Theatre Program. We are performing Twelve Angry Jurors (Twelve Angry Men with a cast of men and women). I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about being involved in a play before.

I’ve done plays that were classics and I felt privileged to be a part of them. I’ve done Shakespeare and learned to love the language of the plays. I’ve done plays that were adaptations of familiar books and discovered new dimensions of old characters. I’ve even done improv and learned so much about creating a character.

But this play is all about truth. The discovery of truth. It starts out with a simple question, “Can we talk about truth? The truth that we’ve been presented with and the truth that is real.”

What a great way to start a conversation! Any conversation really. Our society hands us so much “truth” that we should start every discussion focusing on what is really true, and we know that God’s truth is the ultimate destination.

My prayer is that this play will prompt many of those conversations to begin. Even more so that the final week we will be performing in New York City. There is the obvious thrill of being able to add an off-Broadway performance to our resume, but even more than that is the thrill that we will be in a city that NEEDS truth desperately.

I would love for you to join me in prayer that are performances would go beyond the stage and touch people personally; that we would be able to talk with people afterward and tell them about the Author of truth.