This weekend I got out my clay and began playing with it.

Dealing with clay is actually very new to me. I discovered that I really enjoy the medium when I was teaching in New Zealand. The boy I worked with at school had an amazing art teacher who let me get involved with the projects the students were doing.

I was nervous when she plopped down a bunch of clay in front of me. I had never really touched the stuff. I mean I played with play-dough when I was young, but nothing like this. But I was trying to be a role model to my student so I gamely started making a head out of my lump of clay. When it was done, the students around me told me enthusiastically that it looked like Dobby from Harry Potter. Hmmmmm, I wasn’t really going for that look, but hey, they at least recognized that it was a head……so that was something.

It was in the middle of using my fingers and tools to shape something that I realized I was having fun. I mean really having fun. 

When I got back to the States, JoAnns was having a half-off sale on their Sculpey clay, so I bought some and made some fun mushroom houses for fairies. Then I put the clay away and made my way to Indiana.

Then a friend mentioned an idea in passing about some watercolours I had done. And then my mind started spinning and then I got out my clay and paints again and after a weekend of sculpting, waiting impatiently for it to dry (note you self: you are much better suited to the baking kind of clay), and then painting I now have this hanging in my office:

Photo on 4-30-13 at 1.04 PM #2

Actually this is only part one of the design. See in the middle of waiting for the clay to dry, I came up with an idea that I’m really excited about and will totally rearrange the above design.

So stay tuned for Part 2 later on!