For those of you expecting my Summer Give-Away announcement today…..I’ve run into a snag with a few of the things that are included. It should all be sorted out by next week…..On to this blog post:

The title is a complete misnomer. There is absolutely no one-way to write a book! But I have finally found my method.

First you write a 34 page, single-spaced outline:


Then you take all the pages that look like this:

HtWaB 2

And change them to look more like this: (this was a page I had semi-edited before I printed it, so it’s not really that bad)


Then you go to the room you’ve just moved into and put a writing wall up and you pin everything there:


The middle is kept for me to keep track of what I need to to. Although the One Pass Manuscript Revision is meant for after the story is written, I found that it helped me with the 34 page outline to confirm what I need to pursue and what needs to get cut, before I edit it all. And the reason my story isn’t already up is notated at the bottom of the board:

HtWaB 5

Until this morning I couldn’t remember what I had done with it. Fortunately I found it on my way out the door and, hopefully, it will soon be covering those boards!

Next weeks is the big summer giveaway announcement. Come back a visit!