One of my favourite things to photograph is clouds. I’m not sure why, but watching the sun dance between the fluffiness makes me want to laugh and sometimes cry. There is something magical about it.

This summer, on the way home from New York City, there were some of the most spectacular “Cloud Shows” I’ve every been able to photograph.

The whole summer experience had been so amazing and having these views on the way home just added to the whole spectacle.


The sky was so blue and the clouds so puffy. Just the right mix for a spectacular “Cloud Show”.


When the sun starts streaming through the clouds, the starbursts are breathtaking.


And my favourite of the whole trip was the sun peaking from behind this cloud.


Having amazing parents who not only made a trip from New Zealand to watch me perform on an off-Broadway stage, but also brought my camera across the world, is such a blessing!

Because of that, there will be many more pictures to come! 🙂