Warning 2: Picture heavy post. When posting about a three day visit to Disney, complete with pictures, the post will be long and picture heavy. πŸ™‚

One thing I love about going to Disney World is that it isn’t just a trip, it’s an experience. And it begins the minute you pass under this arch:


We went to Epcot the first day. Since the last time I was at Disney World, we also began at Epcot, I feel like seeing this is the sign that the adventures have started:


I love visiting all the different countries, but England has a special place in my heart after having lived there for 3 1/2 years. I love the gardens and look who was standing in the middle of one of them………Mary Poppins!


And then a few steps away was the actual Mary Poppins!


One of the things I really appreciated was how the characters worked so hard to give each visitor special attention. I watched Mary Poppins talk to this little girl. She didn’t rush the experience and really took her time. I thought that was so sweet and my heart was warmed by the thought of the memory that little girl will have of the day she talked to Mary Poppins!


Tigger and Winnie-ther-Pooh also visited Epcot! I managed to get a picture of Tigger mid-bounce. There was a little girl in line who could hardly contain herself. Her face was glowing with the knowledge that she was going to meet Tigger and Winnie-ther-Pooh.


The next day we made our way to Magic Kingdom.


After getting off Splash Mountain (my favorite ride in Magic Kingdom πŸ™‚ ) Woody and Jessie were greeting guests. Jessie was leaving to go back to the Toy Chest so Andy wouldn’t miss her, but they posed for a quick picture before she left.


Then came the electrical parade and a few familiar faces:





And then the famed fireworks over Cinderella’s Castle! They were stunning!




The next (and final) day we went to Hollywood Studios. Here’s the thing, I LOVE Hollywood Studios…………and I sorta forgot to take pictures while I was there. Except for this one which I got for my little nephew:



Okay, I did find a brilliant activity to do in Hollywood Studios! If you go, find the Animation Academy! You must! Seriously, one of the first things you do should do is to find the Animation Academy! It needs to be one of the first things, because I guarantee you will want to do it more than once.

Okay, the Animation Academy is The Magic of Disney Animation (we saw Mr. Incredible and Frozone as well as quite a few others). You wait in this roped off area until the door in front of you opens. Then you walk into a room with desks. Each desk is backlit and there is a sheet of paper and pencil. Then your “instructor” begins. And he talks you through, step-by-step, drawing one of the Disney characters. I drew Dopey and Donald Duck (I told you you’d want to do it more than once)………..and they actually looked like the characters when I was done!

I think next time I go to Hollywood Studios, I’m going to plan at least half a day just to do this over and over!

And that was Disney! It was magical and exciting and thrilling!