God has a great sense of humor. I had delayed my Disney experience post a couple of weeks, because some other things had come up. And then this week I have another Disney related post.

If you follow my page on Facebook, you’ll know that last Wednesday I found an opening casting call for Disney. The one I could go to, however, was four hours away in Louisville, KY. Thanks you an amazing roommate and incredible boss, I was able to go on this adventure.

And an adventure it certainly was!

It started off waking up before the sun was up. That was my least favorite part of the whole day. But as soon as I reminded myself that I was actually AUDITIONING FOR DISNEY, well, I didn’t quite get a ton of energy, but just enough to get me out of bed and getting dressed.

When I got downstairs, my awesome roommates had already put the address in the GPS and had the bag of snacks ready to go.

We piled into the car and began to drive.

Did I mention that Louisville, KY was actually in the middle of being flooded? Well, the torrential rain we drove with (not through) all the way down certainly made more sense after knowing that. We were all looking forward to watching the sunrise (since we had been forced to leave while it was still dark) but with all the rain, we only managed to see the lightening of the sky.

So we drove for four hours.

Now, even with all the rain and darkness and exhaustion, I was still unbelievably excited to be AUDITIONING FOR DISNEY! I don’t think I stopped smiling the whole way. I’m pretty sure that, even during the short nap I took, I was still smiling.

We found the dance studio. The parking was full, so I jumped out of the car to head inside and THE ADVENTURE started.

I walked in and was directed into a studio where everyone was lining up to register. Now online I had read that you didn’t need to worry about bringing someone with you to talk to because there were always tons of people there to talk to. However, I think it would have been great to have someone there as the people ahead of me in line were already talking. But the Disney cast members were wonderful and started conversations with me throughout the whole wait.

Registering was very easy. They had an iPad set up with a keyboard and you just had to put in your name, phone number, and email address. Then you moved to the next “station” and had your height measured.

After that you were shown a room to wait until everyone was checked in. I didn’t have to wait long as I was the last one in line. That surprised me. I hadn’t expected a HUGE amount of people, but it felt like a really small group…..there were only 66 people in line (btw, I still have the number they gave me to put on my shirt. 🙂 ).

Then the casting director, Kelly, welcomed us and told us that we were going to be learning a simple dance. Also she told us that they were looking for very specific things (this I believe and I’ll explain why later) and that we weren’t to take it personally if we weren’t selected. She told us that they would make the first cut after the dance. We were divided into three groups. Since I was the last one to sign in I was in the last group.

But I have to say that waiting wasn’t all that hard. Disney cast members kept up a conversation with me…….and I still couldn’t keep that smile off my face. 🙂 The whole Disney group that was there really made a fun, exciting, and nerve free atmosphere. I didn’t feel ridiculously nervous.

Even walking into the dance studio to do the dance portion of the audition didn’t make my nerves flare up. We were made to feel like we were at a fun dance party. Kelly (our choreographer and not the same Kelly that welcomed us) showed us the dance in an easily learnable way. Once we all looked like we got it, we lined up in numerical order and did the dance across the floor four at a time. And this is where it got a bit tricky. Kelly, the choreographer, counted us in and it went something like this: “1……..2…….3……..4..5..6..7..8” and all of a sudden we were up to full speed! (They used “Cruella de Vil if anyone is interested)

I moved with energy and a big smile on my face! But the steps weren’t all there (although I have them down now 🙂 ). Of course, there were maybe three in our group who did get it. The rest of us just had fun!

When we were done, we went back to the waiting studio and waited for a few minutes until they had made some decisions. Then Kelly, the casting director, came back in. Again she emphasized that they were looking for specific things and read out the numbers and first names of those who they wanted to see again.

Being the last person, I knew I had a while before they would get to my number, so I watched those being chosen before me. They were all 5’6” and above, so I knew they weren’t looking for the short characters that day. Sure enough, my name wasn’t called and I was able to make the drive back home.

I have to say that I am SO glad I went to the audition, even though they weren’t looking for my height, it was THE BEST audition experience I’ve ever had.

Plus, now I know a dance for the next time around. Because I assure you that there will be a next time around. 🙂

After getting lunch in Louisville, we started the four hour drive back home. We arrived home with fairly little rain to contend with and immediately took a rest.

It was a truly Magical Adventure!