I was walking to work today with my cashmere sweater on thinking that I should have grabbed a scarf and gloves and I thought to my self, “It seems a bit early for winter to hit.” About two seconds later I realized the fallacy of my thinking.

First, the weather we are experiencing now is by NO MEANS winter. I had to remind myself that I now live in the North and it is going to get MUCH colder and more bitter than it is right now.

Second, it’s October. For some reason I got stuck in September. I mean, if you asked me the date I would tell you that it was October _____ and I just completed a conference I knew was going to happen in October, but weather-wise, I was expecting it to be September.

Once I realized the two things, I wrapped myself up tighter and started enjoying having a Fall for the first time in 12 years!

I feel a photography walk for the Fall colors is in order!