In 9 days I’m going to start my fifth year into insanity using the proven method called NaNo (short for NaNoWriMo [short for National Novel Writing Month]). In short, it’s a challenge to write 50,000 words in the 30 days of November. It’s hard, it’s fun, it’s frustrating, it’s crazy!

In preparation, I’ve been thinking over what story I want to work on and was having a hard time coming up with something.

And then I had a little visitor. Her name is Poppy and she is a fairy. I can’t show you what she looks like, because she said she looks different to each person. She is an inspiration fairy and she is very good at her job. She said that she had heard about my book: First Laugh: A Fairy Tale. She was happy that someone was telling the world about fairies and the important roles they fill and she wanted to offer me her services. Not only did she give me many options (possibly too many) for NaNo, she also inspired this:

Etsy Banner Final

On November 1st, I’ll be opening my Etsy shop, Visits with the Fairies! Poppy has been particularly inspiring in this project. She helped me find some Fairy Dust and Pixie Dust. She is also helping me collect some Honeysuckle Drops from Lookut. Most excitingly, Poppy said that if I make fairy doors, she would happily visit others through them! I think she has other ideas, but I had to ask her to slow down so I could have a chance to take care of these things first!

So the normally intense/insane month of November is going to be doubly intense/insane and so much more fun! I can’t wait to spend all day with Poppy!