Poppy and I have been very busily working and I thought I’d give you a little peek into what we’ve been working on.

Poppy brought me some Fairy Dust. Being brought straight from the fairies, it’s a bit too strong for humans to use, so Poppy showed me how to make it so humans could use it. Then I sealed it with wax, so none of the magic would be lost.


Then Poppy brought me some Pixie Dust. As I was writing this post, she asked me to please explain the difference between Fairy Dust and Pixie Dust. While Fairy Dust can be used for general purposes and any time you need a bit of magic in your life, Pixie Dust contains a fair amount of mischief and should be used sparingly. On the shelf, it is harmless and can have the same effect as Fairy Dust. But it should be opened rarely.DSC_0415

I was very excited when Poppy brought me Blue Fairy Dust! I just knew there was some fascinating reason behind the different color. It turns out that the color depends on where the Fairy Dust is gathered and has no effect on the Fairy Dust itself.


I also made a model of Blessmy’s Bake Shop. Of course is was made with Poppy’s approval and inspiration.DSC_0423

This is one of the doors that I made for Poppy to go and visit others through. She is very excited by the prospect of visiting other and inspiring them too! Poppy, very wisely, pointed out that the doors didn’t all have to be the same, so I made several different looks. DSC_0434



We are still working on perfecting the Honeysuckle Drops. Like the Fairy Dust, they need to be adjusted before humans can eat them. But I promise they will be worth the wait!

And, of course, this Friday is the launch of “Visits with the Fairies” on Etsy! I think we are all ready!