I carved my first pumpkin this year! And learned that it is quite the laborious process.

First, Elianna drew our chosen design on the pumpkin.DSC_0398

Chelsea made the first cut to take the top off.


And then I started scooping out the insides:DSC_0401

It was quite disgusting:DSC_0402

And required serious focus power:DSC_0404

But in the end, I’m really proud of what we did! Elianna said, “If you have to use the term ‘negative space’, the design is complicated.” And I totally agree with her! (The arrow at the bottom shows up much better in person…….something to work on with next year’s pumpkin!)DSC_0414

We were actually getting ready for a Disney Dance Party. I decided to teach the dance we learned at the Disney audition. And, of course, we had to dress up for it.

Katniss made an appearance (with her mockingjay, mind you πŸ™‚ ):DSC_0416

And Cinderella took time out of her busy schedule to join us (with her pre-coach pumpkin!):DSC_0417

Also, this random fairy princess made an appearance. Her skirt consisted of 12 yards of tulle and kept tripping her up, but she still managed to dance:DSC_0427

It was was SUCH a fun night! And I’m so excited with all that we accomplished!

Also, now I am REALLY excited for Catching Fire to come out!