I am desperately trying to ignore the snow falling outside and focus on a post about NaNo (NaNoWriMo [National Novel Writing Month]).

This is the fourth year that I’ve done NaNo and I felt like I needed to do something to change it up a bit. So I started browsing the forums looking for one of the amazing calendars that people make specifically for NaNo. I found one here. I love it when they have motivating quotes.

But, back to my endeavor to find something new for this year, I had done the calendar before. In my effort to do something different, I wanted to go WAY different. So I decided to write the quotes on index cards that I could cross off to keep track of progress.

Then I found another calendar that had a word challenge for each day. So I combined them and created my own NaNo calendar on the back of my door.

Here is a close up of the quotes and challenge words (actually, I didn’t like the quote that was on the 29th, so I added this one, which I thought was very appropriate).DSC_0434

Also, for the first time, I’m writing from a place where all the hats and coats and warmth everyone on NaNo talks about are actually needed. So I thought I’d add warmth to my room with candles. I also find that when I use the same scent used every time, it write helps me get in the right mood.DSC_0438As full disclosure, I am WAY behind on my word count. But now that Second Sunday Series is over I’m hoping to make up for lost time.

Are any of you doing NaNo?

(PS My plan is to go out with my camera when I get home and take pictures of this glorious snow!)