About five minutes ago, I did something that required a huge leap of faith for me. I emailed a headshot and resume to a talent agency in Chicago.

I don’t do well with “putting myself out there”. I’m not an extrovert. I am firmly rooted to introvert side. The idea of saying, “Hey, look at this headshot. And what about this resume. Isn’t it a great resume. I mean, really, look. There’s a NYC credit on there!” to someone makes me want to wither into a leaf and be blown away by the wind.

But then there’s the whole obedience-to-what-God-has-called-me-to thing. I have been praying for direction for Him. I really believe He wants me to continue in acting. Through prayer and wisdom from others, I want to pursue this calling from God.

But I realized that sitting around and checking the THOUSANDS of emails I was getting from a casting calls website and a Christian filmmaking site, was not really doing everything I COULD be doing. I live fairly close to Chicago and decided to see if there were any talent agencies I could check out. So I looked, found one, and now (to be honest, about three weeks later) I have finally sent in the info they asked for.

Now, this agency might not be where God wants me to go. He might have a completely different path for me, but having taken this one step, I feel that I am at last giving it my all for His glory.

Now I just need to make sure I don’t stop here…………