10 Dec

I’m not sure that is a word, but it describes how I’m feeling.

A year ago this week, I was walking around my room trying to decide what I should pack and what I should leave behind. I was actively trying not to think about having to say goodbye to people, trying to figure out how to fit my life into a 50lb suitcase.

I find myself very nostalgic and reminiscing as I look through pictures of New Zealand. So I thought I’d share some pictures with you.

I’m not sure where all of these are, but I enjoyed the photogenic-ness (I am making up all kinds of words today) of that beautiful country.



This one *might* be the view as you come over the hill that leads to Hobbiton.




I’m pretty sure this is looking at Akaroa




This I know is Fox Glacier


Even though I miss the beauty of New Zealand, I miss the wonderful people God brought into my life while I was there. Friends that I know I will have forever.

Unfortunately, I am horrible at remembering to take pictures of people, but their faces are all imprinted on my heart.

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One Response to “Completive”

  1. m.briggs December 11, 2013 at 12:19 AM #

    Where’s the “I totally relate” button? This post brought back so many memories!

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