A new year is here! It seems to have come so suddenly. It sort of passed by without my noticing. In fact, I was sitting on my sister’s couch watching Indiana Jones and the Something of Something (I’m horrible at remembering which title goes with which movie) with her and then suddenly it was midnight! And a new year.

Wow, a new year.

When I got back to Indiana, this is what my new year looked like:


I am really excited to see what God has in store for this year. He’s given me a glimpse of all the possibilities, and He is leading in some great ways! I’m hoping to have an announcement up on my Facebook page by this weekend.

As I wait for His leading, I have come up with some “goals” for this year:

  • To draw closer and closer to Him with every fiber of my being
  • To learn to listen to His prompts and act on them
  • To continue in my pursuit of excellence in my acting
  • To continue working on my children stories and illustrations
  • To continue working on my full-length novels
  • To let the whole world know about the MasterWorks Festival! (lucky for me, this one gets to be my job as well as my goal!)

Now that I look at that list, please excuse me……I think I have something to do!