Today, I’m exhausted. Not just tired, but completely exhausted. Words are hard. Talking is hard. Brain-ing is hard. Staying awake is hard

But I’m so excited to be sitting at Tree of Life with the computer in my lap, a dirty chai by my side, various writing projects open on the dashboard of the computer.


Just recently I’ve had a bunch of ideas that have been simmering in my brain come to the point where they are ready to be put down on paper. And that part of the writing process is so invigorating to me. In fact trying to keep up with all the various stories and scripts just fuels the creative fire and creates more ideas that demand to be recorded in some way, shape, or form.

Part of the excitement is that it’s October 1st. The trees are just beginning to change. The air is crisp. The pumpkin is starting to invade every food and drink. In short, it’s perfect.

But October 1st also means that  the National Novel Writing Month begins in just 31 days. 🙂 It’s time to release the creativity. Give yet another variation on an outline a go. Come up with another daily tracking chart. And finally put down on paper the idea that I’ve been thinking about since December 1st last year.

So excuse my ramblings today, but I think I need to go and get some ideas inserted into their proper story or script.