And not just here on my blog. (Although I do have a blog to-do list that includes changing the layout and the banner and other little things).

Side note: It is not wise to leave your blog for a big block of time, because

WordPress will change all of the background stuff

and you’ll have to relearn it.

But the big change coming up is a relocation for the MasterWorks Festival! I’m excited about this journey that God is taking us on. I won’t lie though, change is a challenge for me and this is a huge change. But I truly believe that God will use this change to bring glory to Him.

You can read the full story of our move on the MasterWorks Festival website.

So through out the next few months, be looking for organizational posts (it takes a lot of organization to move an office, a house, and a festival), crafty posts (I have two roommates who have brought the crafting-for-fun side of me out…as evidenced by the cans of paint on our living room floor), and life lesson posts (as I know God is going to be working many things through me during this process).

Adventure is out there! (And with God’s help we will find it and enjoy it.)