So much has changed in the last six months, I don’t really know how to describe it all. Suffice it to say that I’ve moved offices twice, moved houses twice (so that I now call Pennsylvania home), and still kept up with my normal job. There is so much more that can be said, but I really just want to jump in with the post I had scheduled to be posted in January….

My Bullet Journal!

Through all the moves etc, this thing has been a life-saver. The pictures I have are from earlier in the year, so some of the places are empty and I’ve changed a few layouts, but I really love how it’s working now.

This is my favorite Bullet Journal. I use another one for work, but I like this for my personal journal that keeps track of everything.


You can buy this on Amazon for about $20, but I actually buy it at barnes and Noble for $10.
I keep a list of each month at the front so when something comes up and I need to mark it, I can put it here. Then when I set up each month, I look back here and see if there’s anything I need to add to the calendar.
I found a pack of cards clearance at Michaels and I’ve used quite a few of them all ready for various things.
I decided this year, so list various goals I have for this year. Hmmm, “Blog once a week” definitely didn’t happen. 😉
While, I have a separate journal for work, I do have basic things that I do for work just after I get up and before I get to the office. So I made note of those here so i don’t forget.
With all the craziness of this year, I’ve only finished a couple of these so far. But I’m hoping to take a reading vacation soon!
I actually don’t use this page as much as I thought I would, but I left it in just in case someone else liked the idea.
And here is my month spread. I put this at the beginning of each month and list on the side purchases that I have planned or would like to make for that month.
Here is my monthly tracker. To be honest, I’m not sure how much longer I’ll put this in my journal. I don’t keep up with it and space is becoming prime real estate. We’ll see.
Each month there’s usually at least one memory that I’d like to keep, usually something having to do with my nephews and niece. Now I have a place for it in my journal. And I can remember how old they are because it’s listed with a specific month.
And my index. Those nice, colorful tapes? I made a mistake but didn’t want to have an empty page this early in my journal. So, washi tape to the rescue!


And there you have it My Bullet Journal…aka My Brain. Seriously, everything gets dumped in here. And with ADHD, this has been the best thing so that I don’t lose important information or forget where I put something or just lose track of what I’m supposed to be doing. It’s perfect!

I’ll do another post soon to show you the updates I’ve made to some layouts.

I’m really excited to finally be back in this space and I’m looking forward to posting all the other blog posts I had planned for the beginning of the year. 😉