Have you ever done something the hard way for a really long time only to realize that there was a better and much easier way the whole time?

I don’t know what that feels like….nope….not at all.

Except, actually I do.

Essential-ly on a Budget.jpg

I love essential oils! And I love the Young Living Essential Oils rewards program.

But I had a problem. Now remember, I freely admit that this was very faulty logic on my part, but I thought I couldn’t afford the rewards program anymore because it was too expensive. But then I looked at what was in my cart and realized, I was spending more than I had to.

To be a part of the rewards program you have to spend 50PV points a month. Somewhere along the way, I had lost track of that fact. And that, coupled with an extremely tight budget, nearly made me quit the rewards program.

But I have reformed. Now it’s a kind of game. I keep track of exactly how many points are in my cart each month. Sometimes even re-juggling items to make sure to exactly hit that 50PV mark.

I was thinking I would share my combinations that make up the 50PV each month. That way if you are looking to join the rewards program, but need inspiration and encouragement that it’s totally possible on any budget, I can make at least a few of the orders easy for you. 🙂

So this was my first order:


Geranium Essential Oil-$18.75

Orange Essential Oil-$10.75

Cinnamint Lip Balm-$4.25

Satin Facial Scrub-$16.25

Do you use essential oils? Are you interested learning more about them?