I have thought and prayed about this blog post for a few weeks now. I knew what I wanted/needed to say, but I wanted to make sure that I presented it in a way that’s a true representation of what’s going on in my life right now.

And then, because God is God and loves showing His care and greatness, the sermon at church this morning gave me the perfect word to surround my story in.

The passage was Mark 4:35-41: Jesus Calming the Storm. The title of the sermon was “Does Jesus Care?” At first, the title put me off. Yes, I’m in a storm, but I have never doubted God’s care and love for me. Then the pastor started preaching. And his first sentence went something like: “You might be in a storm right now and it may be that you have been diagnosed with cancer or you may have lost your job.” And I sat up a little bit straighter.

You see, that’s whereย  I am right now. I am currently searching for a job. The non-profit I worked for had to make some budget cuts and my position no longer exists. So I’m living with my parents as I wait for God to reveal what He has for me next.

So I listened closely to the sermon and every point hit me right where I needed to hear it. But the last point really started a healing process on my heart.

“The goal [of Jesus] was not to calm the storm, but to produce faith.”

When I look at all that is going on right now physically and emotionally, I realize that my prayers don’t just concern me finding a job (although there are plenty of those prayers) or whatever God has for me next, but ultimately my prayers are for God to increase my faith and draw me closer to Him through all of this.

I’m so thankful for the sermon this morning and the focus it has brought to my mind. My desire and prayer is to be brought closer to Him in thought, word, and deed through all of this.





….but I wouldn’t mind a few prayers for a new job. ๐Ÿ˜€