My acting began when I was 16 when I was blessed to play the role of “Mother” in Cheaper By The Dozen. I loved that role and fell in love with acting then and there.

However, I didn’t do much more until my Sophomore year of College when I decided to change my major to Speech Communication. Then it became a way of living. Between taking a full course load of mostly performance based classes, I could easily have 3-6 class performances a week. Add in at least four major productions a year and you get a theatre filled life….which I loved.

Then I found The Masterworks Festival. Actually my Mom found it. I auditioned and, to my great surprised, I was accepted! Eight years later I am still acting every opportunity I can.

Why? Because it combines two things that I’m passionate about in life. My God and my acting.

The purpose of Masterworks is to equip artists (instrumental, voice, film acting and theatre) to be grounded in their faith as they go into their chosen fields and represent the love, truth, and grace of God to all those around them. To do this, they invite Christians artists who are already established in their fields to direct, teach, and lead the students as they search for God’s direction in their life.

It is an amazing, fulfilling, and loving place to learn to be a Christian first and then get the highest quality training in your field.

Through this program I have been blessed to meet people such as: Rich Swingle, Patricia Mauceri, John Kirby, Susan Somerville Brown, Muse Watson and so many more!

Because of the training I’ve gotten through Masterworks, I have applied for and gotten a job in New Zealand at a Christian Performing Arts Centre teaching drama. I have also been able to co-direct Hillview Christian School’s production of “Oz”.

And now God has led me to join the team at the Christian Performing Artists’ Fellowship in marketing and publicity. Not only to I have the great privilege to let other know about the MasterWorks Festival, but I am given the opportunity to perform each month with the Second Sunday Series.

This summer I got to stage manage our show, Twelfth Night,or What You Will! And it was so exciting to go to New York City with the show!

I am now working on writing my first full length feature film. I look forward to seeing where God will lead me with that.

I am looking forward to finding out how God is going to use me to reach those around me for Him.