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I’m not sure that is a word, but it describes how I’m feeling.

A year ago this week, I was walking around my room trying to decide what I should pack and what I should leave behind. I was actively trying not to think about having to say goodbye to people, trying to figure out how to fit my life into a 50lb suitcase.

I find myself very nostalgic and reminiscing as I look through pictures of New Zealand. So I thought I’d share some pictures with you.

I’m not sure where all of these are, but I enjoyed the photogenic-ness (I am making up all kinds of words today) of that beautiful country.


This one *might* be the view as you come over the hill that leads to Hobbiton.



I’m pretty sure this is looking at Akaroa



This I know is Fox Glacier


Even though I miss the beauty of New Zealand, I miss the wonderful people God brought into my life while I was there. Friends that I know I will have forever.

Unfortunately, I am horrible at remembering to take pictures of people, but their faces are all imprinted on my heart.


NaNo 2013





I am desperately trying to ignore the snow falling outside and focus on a post about NaNo (NaNoWriMo [National Novel Writing Month]).

This is the fourth year that I’ve done NaNo and I felt like I needed to do something to change it up a bit. So I started browsing the forums looking for one of the amazing calendars that people make specifically for NaNo. I found one here. I love it when they have motivating quotes.

But, back to my endeavor to find something new for this year, I had done the calendar before. In my effort to do something different, I wanted to go WAY different. So I decided to write the quotes on index cards that I could cross off to keep track of progress.

Then I found another calendar that had a word challenge for each day. So I combined them and created my own NaNo calendar on the back of my door.

Here is a close up of the quotes and challenge words (actually, I didn’t like the quote that was on the 29th, so I added this one, which I thought was very appropriate).DSC_0434

Also, for the first time, I’m writing from a place where all the hats and coats and warmth everyone on NaNo talks about are actually needed. So I thought I’d add warmth to my room with candles. I also find that when I use the same scent used every time, it write helps me get in the right mood.DSC_0438As full disclosure, I am WAY behind on my word count. But now that Second Sunday Series is over I’m hoping to make up for lost time.

Are any of you doing NaNo?

(PS My plan is to go out with my camera when I get home and take pictures of this glorious snow!)


Winona Lake Flowers


These are, by no means, all of the flowers in Winona Lake. In fact, during the summer you can hardly look anywhere without seeing a beautiful bloom.


But when my parents hauled my camera from New Zealand, I figured I should put it to some good use and I wandered around Winona Lake and took some pictures.

Like this beautiful sunflower, just a few doors down:


Or this gorgeous bloom right along the lake.

Or this delicious blossom right outside of the delicious Kelainey’s:


Or this bright Hybiscus in the park:


Now that the seasons are getting ready to change, I can’t wait for the new colors to appear!

Cloud Show

One of my favourite things to photograph is clouds. I’m not sure why, but watching the sun dance between the fluffiness makes me want to laugh and sometimes cry. There is something magical about it.

This summer, on the way home from New York City, there were some of the most spectacular “Cloud Shows” I’ve every been able to photograph.

The whole summer experience had been so amazing and having these views on the way home just added to the whole spectacle.


The sky was so blue and the clouds so puffy. Just the right mix for a spectacular “Cloud Show”.


When the sun starts streaming through the clouds, the starbursts are breathtaking.


And my favourite of the whole trip was the sun peaking from behind this cloud.


Having amazing parents who not only made a trip from New Zealand to watch me perform on an off-Broadway stage, but also brought my camera across the world, is such a blessing!

Because of that, there will be many more pictures to come! 🙂

God’s Creation

After eight weeks I finally made it to Winona Lake, IN to take pictures at sunset.


There is no way to capture the beauty of God’s creation in a photograph……….

….But I sure had fun trying!

Before I started taking the pictures, I found this flower among the daisies:

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like…..


My walk home from work yesterday revealed a bright sun and flowers poking up through the ground. When I got home, I went to the back porch and saw a family playing softball in the park.


Then I saw the Boat House with the sparkling lake behind it.


The park was beauteous! The sun was warm! It was perfect!

In fact, it felt a lot like it does at MasterWorks when we are getting ready for the Pops Concert.

Speaking of which MasterWorks begins in two months! I’m so excited! I know I have mentioned MasterWorks before and I’m thrilled that I get to spend a sixth summer at this amazing place where students learn, great music is heard, and God is given the glory.

In fact there are still spaces open. If you are a musician, actor, dancer, or singer and have a desire to learn how to glorify God through your art, check out to find out how to apply and audition.

You could be here this summer:


Recipe for Movie Night at the Doric

Last week the Ladies of Doric (I think that should be the title of a gothic novel) got together for a movie night. I had just seen a recipe on Facebook for chocolate mug cake and thought this was the perfect opportunity to try it out.

Step One: Get facebook page with recipe up on computer and gather ingredients.

                                    3 1/2 Tbs flour
                                    2 Tbs brown sugar
                                    2 Tbs white sugar
                                    2 Tbs cocoa 
                                    Dash of cinnamon (We might have over-dashed the cinnamon, but it was still amazing!)
                                   1/4 tsp vanilla extract
                                    2 Tbs water
                                    2 Tbs melted butter
                                    As many mini chocolate chips as you wanna throw in there (optional; Note: Alas, I had no chocolate chips in the house and, while it turned out delicious, I’m not sure I would consider them optional. 🙂 )

Step Two: Enlist help from amazing roommate to assemble the ingredients into the mugs.


Step Three: Stir ingredients together and put in microwave for 1 minute 15 seconds (I think 1 minute would have worked a bit better for me)


Step Four: Enjoy! The movie, company, and chocolate cake. 🙂


Our God is Awesome

This is the glorious sunset I got to see on the way home from school:


It’s Gonna Be A……..

Bright, sunshiny day!

After two weeks of the flu and rain showers that never ended, we have gone from this:


To this:


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