I feel like the title might be a little bit of a misnomer. I love Pinterest and I have gotten many great inspirations from there.

One thing I first started looking at on Pinterest was changing t-shirts into something a little more flattering on my figure.

The desire came from the fact that every summer MasterWorks Festival we get a t-shirt. And I have loved the fun designs they come up with. But in general t-shirts don’t look good on me. If we just received them, that would be one thing, but we also wear them on Improv Night.

So I scoured Pinterest to find a way to change them. But any changes needed to be able to be done without a machine since we live there dorm-style.

So I found this: http://pinterest.com/pin/192317846558237151/ I like the concept, but it wasn’t exactly what I wanted.

It is however what I based this PinTest on. So while I didn’t follow the directions exactly, the test still falls in the Pinterest category (I think anyway).

First I put the shirt on and pinned where my waist line is.
Then I cut the neckline that I wanted.
I cut off the sleeves all together and that is the one thing I will change next time. It made it too low. I will fix it when my machine gets fixed.
I decided to make ties out of the sleeves I cut off.
Then I laid the ties out the way I wanted it to look in the end.
I pinned where I wanted all the slits to be cut. And then cut them.
And this is the finished product!

So, even though it’s different from the original design, I would still call this PinTest a success!